Important Files

2010 Healthcare Reform Timeline

2010 HSA Limits
Health Savings Acct. Contribution and Deductible Limits

An Employees Guide to Health Benefits Under COBRA
The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986

An Employers Guide to Group Health Continuation
Coverage Under COBRA

Cancer Insurance: Is It Right For You

Companies Offering Health Savings Accounts in KY

Companies Selling Dental Insurance In Kentucky

Companies Selling Group and Individual Health Ins
List of Companies in Ky Selling Health Insurance with Contact Info

Companies Selling In Kentucky's Individual Market

Credit Scoring: How Does It Affect You?
Credit Scoring and Your Insurance Rate

Do You Need Help With the Cost of Prescriptions

Facts About Auto and Homeowners / Renters Insuranc
Short Descriptions and Tips

Facts About Life and Health Insurance

Free and Low Cost Prescription Drugs

General Storm Information
Tips on Storm Coverages, Preparing for a Storm, etc.

Glossary of Health Insurance Terms

Health Benefit Plans
What you need to know when applying for individual health insurance

Health Coverage Tax Credit

Health Insurance Portability
and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA)

Health Savings Account Brochure

Healthcare Reform Implementation Chart

Household Inventory
Form to simplify home inventory process

How Can I Keep My Health Insurance Coverage?
Answers to questions about COBRA, state continuation and conversion

HSA Eligibility During A Cafeteria Plan
Health Savings Account Eligibility During A Cafeteria Plan Grace Period

ICARE Salary Calculation

Insurance Benefit for Children with Autism

Insurance Coverage Affordability and Relief
To Small Employers (ICARE)

Insurance Tips on Coping with a Natural Disaster

Kentucky Access
Program for individuals who find it difficult to obtain individual insurance.

Kentucky Access Application

Kentucky Consumer Fact Sheet for Health Insurance

No-Fault Coverage Uncovered

Options When Your Group Life Coverage Ends

Tax provisions in the Patient Protection and Affor

Tips on Finding Missing Life Insurance Policies

Title Insurance and Mortgage Guaranty Insurance

What You Should Know About Health Insurance Appeal
Health Insurance Appeals Brochure